The ICONSIAM City Opening Mega Phenomena was one of Thailand’s most highly anticipated event in 2018. Beginning with the construction of the iconic structure, Glorious Flame, the riverside landmark drew public attention by using the signature characteristics of Thailand’s national artist, Chalermchai Kositpipat’s drawings to design the shape of lotus structure, which has long been used as a flower of worship, to symbolise Thai beliefs, morals, and tradition. As the opening ceremony neared, the event drew nation-wide attention after photographs of the rehearsal leaked to the public, causing the invitation card’s value to rise as high as 10,000 THB.

After the first day of the grand opening, photographs of the Eternal Prosperity performance was plastered on the frontpage of every major news outlet and on the social network of Thailand’s most well-known influences, thereby cementing ICONSIAM’s status as a household name. The three-day City Opening Mega Phenomena was visited by over 55,000 people, and the live streaming of the event reached 10 million views in total.




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