Thai nation’s readiness to showcase the Thailand Pavilion to the world stage

Index Creative Village announces Thai nation’s readiness
to showcase the Thailand Pavilion to the world stage at the
‘Astana Expo 2017′ in Astana, Kazakhstan with aims to build up Thai reputation

Index Creative Village announces Thailand as the first nation to be ready for the World Expo in showcasing the Thai pavilion at the world’s largest international exhibition, the Astana Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan along with more than 110 pavilions from around the world. In charge of designing, constructing and promoting the Sala Thai building, Index designed the pavilion to accommodate Kazakhs values and tastes while building a Thai reputation on the international stage throughout the 3 month duration of the expo and guarantees visitors a good and memorable time from 10 June to 10 September.



Founder and Group CEO of Index Creative Village Plc, a leading integrated marketing firm in the ASEAN region, Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin, stated that, “Preparations for the Sala Thai or Thailand Pavilion, are now 100% complete. We are the first nation to welcome Kazakhs and tourists from all over the world at the Astana Expo 2017, the world’s largest international fair where over 110 pavilions from around the world are attending the event. As the leading authority on world expositions in Thailand, we are confident that we can build a reputation for Thailand yet again. This year we have focused our designs to fit with our expo’s host. The Kazakhs have a passion for music, fun and entertainment. This lets us design the structure and the content of the pavilion in a way that can provide both knowledge and entertainment for our visitors at the same time. This combined with our special PR campaign and a roadshow to major areas and famous shopping malls will definitely show the uniqueness of Thai culture to the Kazakhs and the public. And of course, the highlight of this year’s Thailand Pavilion is nothing but ordinary. Visitors will be wowed at our designs and content on bioenergy development, under the concept, Bioenergy for all. In our first room, attendees will get to know Thailand in various aspects such as energy and Thai culture in the form of live Thai boxing and Phi Ta Khon festival shows with various multimedia displays that will excite our viewers. While in the second room, the importance of energy will be explained by our mascot, Palang through a display of 4D graphics and animatronics.



The third room will explain about the 9 types of pure energy and how animal dung can be converted into usable energy. There will be volunteers from Thailand who are dedicated and willing to welcome all visitors. I’m confident that we will receive positive feedback from the Kazakhs when attendees from around the world have come to experience Thai culture. Thailand Pavilion will open its doors welcoming guests from all over the world for 3 months from 10 June to 10 September in Astana, Kazakhstan, under the theme Be Amazed and WOW at Thailand Pavilion”





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