Index Creative Village Expands New Creative Battlefront Into Vietnam

Index Creative Village expands its wings of creativity as it signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Vietnamese Government. Together with The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Nam Province and Vietnam Center (Thailand) co.,ltd, Index will turn unoccupied areas in Hoi An into a world-class Economic-Tourism City through a number of creative projects which include hosting festivals and special events to lure in Thai and international tourists enjoy and to help drive Vietnam’s expanding economy.


Mr. Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin, Founder and Group CEO of Index Creative Village, the leading ASEAN’s all-in-one creative marketing company and the world’s 7th best creative event company (ranked by Special Events Magazine, USA) , says “Vietnam’s GDP is forecasted to expand by over 6.8%. This is why many industrial sectors, including construction, service and investment saw consistent growth. A variety of aspects, which reflects and enhances a good opportunity to invest and expand business in Vietnam include labor, natural resources, foreign investment laws, FTAs and the focus on R&D of science and technology.


Index Creative Village was selected by The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Nam Province and have signed an MOU which, for the next 5 years, will allow ICV to develop unoccupied areas in Hoi An into a Economic-Tourism City and ICV will manage certain areas within the city by using creativity and innovation. ICV will add value to unoccupied areas and turn the city into a world-class tourist hotspot. Hoi An is a uniquely charming city which ranks top of Vietnam’s must-visit list for tourists and is a top choice for international visitors, as UNESCO has granted the city a World Heritage status which is astonishingly full of beautiful sceneries, arts, culture and people. This collaboration will proceed with seeing creative events and activities, such as the Hoi An Light Festival 2017 which will illuminate Hoi An with colorful happiness and fun between January 27 to February 5, 2017. The Hoi An International Marathon 2017, scheduled to be held in June 2017 will also be a highlight, together with other events to be held in the future.”

Mr. Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin stated, “This is a new and important step for Index Creative Village to reiterate the company’s image of being providing creativity for our clients in the form of “Creative Business” by developing unoccupied areas into a stronger tourist destination, that is, meeting the global tourism marketing demand. This joint venture, though being a new business model for Index, is expected to create around a 100-million-Baht revenue for ICV. This is indeed a good news.”

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