‘KILORUN’ is an international running festival that originated in Thailand. People can enjoy running, eating and sightseeing the landmarks of any tourist destination in the world.

The unique concept of running festival that you can have fun from running at the best scenic routes and tasting signature foods at the same event, especially when the run isn’t measured only with kilometres, but also measured in kilograms! The aim of event is to support the local community in tourism cities at anywhere in the world by using this new tourism event creation.


Its objective is to stretch the tourism potential of each destination in a creative way by bridging with the unmet need of those who are looking for different experience of exploring the city’s best tourism attractions and enjoying the taste of famous local foods at the same time among those who love travelling on feet or those who love exercising.

We use creativity to support community tourism at the potential destinations.  We consider about how local community in tourism cities can be more engaged and gain benefits from tourism momentum in their hometown, the communities visited by ‘KILORUN’ are encouraged to showcase local charms including the legendary delicacies, food cultures, as well as the hospitality as local hosts.

Our accomplishment is to be able to introduce the new concept of running festival among people from more than 30 nationalities such as participants from Japan, Brazil, Polish, Ireland, USA, Mexican, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Korean, and Australia.One of our unique creations is ‘BAO-WIW’, who is not only a mascot, but also an ambassador who connects KILORUN with all destinations we go. BAO-WIW’s costume will always change according to each individual city’s traditions. People know Bao-wiw and it has become one of the most wanted one that participants aim to meet at any of KILORUN destinations.



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