THAI LIFE Honorable Day

Honorable Day 2019 is an event for awarding and honoring the insurance sales agent of Thai Life Insurance Company.

The objective is to create pride in order for the winners to feel that the insurance sales agent is a respectable career.  It also inspires participants to step into the insurance sales agent career and want to come up on this prestigious stage. This year the event presented in the theme of “Hall of star reacher”.  The person who receives the award of pride is like the brightest star in the sky that shines among others and it also inspires and motivates the participants’ desire to become the winners of this prestigious stage as well. In addition to the atmosphere in which the stars are used as a symbol to decorate in every touch points of the event, we use stars as the inspiration to design script and stage performances to establish the dignity and spirit among sales agent. Also encourage the winners to be the most outstanding just like the star, so that they will be able to portray the stars in their own way to motivate and inspires everyone to be proud of their team leader, colleagues and Thai Life Insurance Company.For stage performances including opening show, musical plays and concert are separated into three sessions. In each performance will create different aspect of emotional experience in order to empowered, motivated and develop self-fulfillment.


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